Microblading (permanent brow makeup)

Microblading or ‘eyebrow embroidery’ is perfect for those who want to define, cover gaps, fill in partially missing areas or fully reconstruct brows.

If having read through this information, you’d like to go ahead, please call or text to book an initial 30 minute Microblading consultation, when we look at your goals and determine suitability for treatment. You will be also be asked to sign consent forms and place a £50 deposit (non-refundable). We are then able to book your first Microblading treatment.


Treatment 1: 2-3 hours

During the first part of the Microblading treatment, your customised brow shape is designed and drawn in. Brow design is a meticulous process in which every part of the shape is measured out and face shape, bone structure and the client’s expectations are taken into consideration. This part takes around an hour but you can just lie back and relax! At the end of the design process, you will have the opportunity to review the bespoke design and request any minor alterations.

Once the technician and client are both happy with the design and colour, the procedure is started. A special handheld tool with a micro blade (12-14 micro needles) attached to the top is dipped into pigment, then individual hair strokes are drawn on, one by one, creating crisp, fine strokes. Numbing cream is applied to minimise discomfort once the design has been applied. A second pass is created to reinforce the colour.

You will be given an aftercare sheet with instructions for how to care for your new brows. We ask that you follow the instructions faithfully, so as to ensure the very best results. Proper aftercare (which involves as much as possible not touching or allowing brows to come into contact with liquids) is needed for up to a two week period or until brows are fully healed.  Fee: £140


Treatment 2: 2 hours

Once the brows have healed, the client returns between 6-12 weeks after the initial microblading treatment for a colour boost to reinforce any pigment that may not have taken properly. This Microblading session is around 1-2 hours. Fee £85

After this second Microblading treatment, clients usually like to return every 12-24 months for colour boosts to keep the brows looking fresh.

Price in Total over 3 appointments: - £275

Microblading with manual shading (combination brows) - 2.5-3 hours

The same treatment details as above, but with the added benefit of manual shading to part or all of the brow shape.

This gives a more ‘made up’ finish to the brows, allowing for less makeup needed when fully healed. Feathered fronts are built up with hair-strokes, whilst the tails are shaded to give a more powdered look to your shape. Whilst still maintaining a natural and defined eyebrow.

Suited to people who would like a slightly fuller, made up shape.

Price in total over 3 appointments (including consultation) - £330

  • Microblading treatments are non-refundable (unless otherwise stated)

Based in Cheshire, Lauren provides Microblading and Combination Brows from Altrincham, Cheshire.

Terms and Conditions - Aftercare MUST be adhered too, otherwise the treatment can be compromised. Risks are discussed thoroughly at your consultation. Consent forms MUST be signed and returned before treatment goes ahead.