Most complimentary brow shade for your Hair Colour

Can you get your brow colour wrong? YES, Yes and yes!

Too dark, too light, it is easy to get it wrong. Thankfully with tints, they fade reasonably quickly, so if you do make a mistake it can be quickly rectified.

If you’d like a bit of a helping hand with it though, here's a rough guide to the tone and shade of colour you can get away with, in accordance with your hair colour.


Generally speaking, you can swing either way : ) Personally, I always feel a platinum blonde can afford to go quite dark. Natural-dark brown tint or a dark ash tone. The contrast looks beautiful and striking if done properly.

Light to medium blondes - stick to your golden/light brown tints (if you have more of an ashy tone to your blonde, add some ash or grey/graphite into the tint mix). It gives a subtle contrast between your hair colour and your brows, whilst still complimenting your eye and skin colour. Without being OTT.

Dark blondes - go for a natural brown, with a small mix of black tint in so that it keeps its richness.


Light browns - stick to a neutral, natural shade of Brown for your tint. This will still darken and enrichen the colour of your brows, but won’t feel overboard.

Mid Golden Browns - Natural - Dark Brown Tint. The natural mid tint colours tend to have warmth in them (rather than cool tone) so you’ll keep a warm, soft shade to your brows. A red tint could also be mixed into this combo.

Dark Brown - Dark Brown with black mix - This will give just enough colour definition without looking like the shape is over taking your face!


Dependant on whether you’re naturally strawberry blonde, naturally red, or auburn you can mix around your tint shades.

Strawberry blonde - Keep in with your golden light blonde tints with a small mix of ash. This will give them depth and a little bit of punch, whilst staying quite soft.

Naturally red - You can definitely afford to go with a natural brown tint with this hair colour. This will tone down the warmth (if they are over warm or if you want to take it down a notch or two) and keep them looking soft and make the whites of your eyes pop. You could also add in a red tint.

Auburn - A mid-dark brown would be perfection for this hair colour in contrast.

To finish

I would always (personally) advise to have your brows tinted by a brow professional. They will have better mixes of tint, and will be used to seeing a variety of colourings in people.

Tinting ALL of the hair around your brow is also a big YES. It gives the impression of thicker brows and allows you to shape them (whether at home or with a specialist) into a fuller brow.

Also, please ALWAYS do a tint patch test first, before you dye your eyebrows to avoid allergic reactions.


L xoxo


Gwen Stefani

Platinum Blonde with Dark Brown Brows


Angelina Jolie

Dark Brunette - Dark Brown & Black Mix


Emma Stone

Redhead - Natural Brown with warmth

Lip Service

So this full lips craze that seems to be sweeping the world at the moment.. It's literally crazy isn't it. I mean, girls (and some guys for that matter) will literally try anything for a Kylie Jenneresque lip. It looks sexy and beautiful. Right???

I have to admit, I'm all for for a fuller lip. As long as it's in proportion to the rest of your face. We all remember that photo of Leslie Ash, a classic case of lip fillers gone horribly wrong. Forever more labelled duck face.

I'm way too much of a needle phobe to get my lips injected with anything. And more importantly, too scared of it going wrong! But I saw a product on Instagram last week that claimed to give overall lip fullness, without the need for injections or chemicals. So I thought I'd give it a go.... Obviously :)

Full Lips

The product is called Full Lips Lip Enhancer, and it's basically a piece of red plastic that comes in three shapes, large round, medium oval and small oval. Each one has been designed to give fullness but in different areas.

Large Round - Overall lip fullness for bigger mouths

Medium Oval - Targets upper lip for small/medium mouths

Small Oval - Targets Cupid's Bow for small mouths

I'd say I've got a medium to big mouth (no sniggering) so I went for the large round shape. The product itself is packaged well, and has lip 'lip tips' and in depth and clear instructions on how to use it.


First of all I cleaned and hydrated my lips. I popped a bit of moisturiser on and around the area (this helps with tighter suction which enables a better result).

Then I placed the enhancer onto my lips, and sucked until I got a gentle suction from it . (You mustn't suck hard as it can cause bruising.. I think I did as it hurt!).

I did this for approximately 15-30 seconds and broke the suction with my finger.

You should be left with a fuller, pouty lip. Here are my results.


My lips definitely felt bigger, slightly swollen in fact. Obviously it brings the blood to the surface of the skin, therefore making them look bigger. And as you can see from the pictures, there is a slight difference in the overall fullness and size of my lips. It did last for about 2 hours, so it does stay true to its claim.

But I think personally for me, it felt a little out of proportion to the rest of my face. Duck-like!

Overall I think this is a great product for people who have thinner lips or a lack of fullness. Or who just like that 'look'. You get staying power and it's a natural way of enhancing the size.

But I think I'll be sticking to good old fashioned makeup techniques. 

Retails at £19.99

Let me know what you think!

Lauren xoxo


'Healthy' Pancake Heaven

I love food. I love breakfast. And I love pancakes (who doesn't?!). But not the kind of pancakes you're thinking of. I'm talking about Oatbran pancakes, the healthier (yes I know, healthy!) version of those scrummy, laden with butter and sugar ones we have on 'pancake Tuesday'. Oatbran was made famous by Pierre Dukan, the nutritionist behind the hyper protein Dukan Diet. It has a ton of health benefits, as well as being quite a versatile ingredient for many a recipe.

Why this is good for you (the technical bit)


* Oatbran is high in fibre, so is really good at keeping everything 'moving' :)

* It has the ability to lower your cholesterol, and therefore can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

* It can also keep blood sugar levels from getting too high after a meal, thus can be a helping hand in the onset of Diabetes.

* Oatbran can help if you are trying to lose weight.

The Pancake bit

My mum introduced me to these as an alternative to the gallons of cereal I used to consume every week. I was a bit dubious at first as there is a bit of preparation involved, but was soon converted, and now really look forward to having my 'healthy' fix in the morning. Of course there are other things you can eat that are deemed healthy, but this is just my little take on it. I have fresh fruit with mine (I still have to feed my sweet tooth).


1. Heat a pancake or flat frying pan on medium to low with half a teaspoon of coconut oil.

2. In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of Oatbran (bought in most supermarkets in the cereal isle), one egg white and one and a half tablespoons of natural yogurt together until you have a smooth, creamy consistency.

2. Pour this onto your pan and smooth it out into a circle with the back of your spoon until you have the thickness you want. Cook for a few minutes.

3. Whilst this is cooking, chop up your favourite fruits. I usually have a combination of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and half a banana.

4. Turn the pancake (you can't really flip these, they're a lot more fragile than the usual ones!) with a spatula to cook the other side.

5. Once this is cooked, serve onto your plate and pile your fruit on top. Finish with a dollop of natural yogurt on top et voila! You have your healthy oh so good for you breakfast pancake.

You are also probably getting at least half your daily quota of fruit and veg in one meal here. Granted it's all fruit,  but if you stick to berries (full of antioxidants and great for your heart) then I reckon you're onto a winner.


Let me know what you think!







Brow's the word

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you'll know that it's STILL all about the BROW. Since Cara came along (as in Delevingne) the world of brow taming and shaping has exploded, and has a lot to do with particular techniques and brands specialising in the ultimate brow shape.

From HD Brows to Blink Brow Bar, Anastasia Beverly Hills to Benefits Brow Kit, there is a multitude of products and treatments you can choose from to whip those eyebrows into shape.

Personally, I swear by HD Brows and their seven step shape. It's a precise and clean way of shaping your brows and it's really easy to maintain yourself in between treatments.

First off, you have an in depth consultation about what shape and colour you'd like. The tints are blended depending on your colouring, hair colour, and the colour you feel most comfortable with. So can be as natural or powerful as you'd like.

Shape and Colour

Once you feel comfortable about the shape and colour, the skin is cleansed, then tinted all around the shape. Taking in any fine and fair hair that you might not be able to see everyday. (A tint test will have been done 48 hours beforehand to check for any sensitivity). The tint makes quite a big difference on its own as can really thicken up the shape by catching that extra hair.


Next they're waxed (very precisely) top, bottom and in the middle. This really cleans them up, straightens them out, and starts to give them a better dimension on the face. Ideally we want our brows to be starting just outside the bridge of the nose, peaking in line with the edge of your pupil, and ending in line with the corner of your eye (who knew brows could be so technical!)


After this, the hair above and below where you've been waxed, is threaded. This gets off all the fine, fluffy baby hair that you have across the top of your brows and down near your eyes. Your natural end shape will now be really clear to see.

If their are any stray hairs that the therapist can see needs plucking out, that is done next. And then the makeup stage begins!


HD Brows have their own line of makeup that is used to finish off the shape. Mine were started off with Colour Fix in Vamp to fill in any gaps, and straighten out the shape underneath so I have a clean line from the start of my brow to the arch. Hair strokes were painted on with an angled brush, to make it look natural. And this stuff stays put! So great if you want some staying power.

Next, their eyeshadow palette was used just to thicken out and deepen the colour through the middle and ends of the brows. The palettes have 5 colours in them, a mix of satin and matte. I used Honey on mine from the Foxy palette.

Colour Fix and Eye and  Brow Pallette by HD Brows

To finish their eye primer in sand was used above and below the shape to really define the shape so they look precise and clean. This is just how I like them personally. You can have them as natural and soft or angular and strong as you like. Just make sure you tell your therapist beforehand.

This is the finished look, stage by stage. Hope that has given you a bit more insight into the world of HD Brows! Cara eat your heart out :)

Step by Step

Lauren xoxo