T H A N K Y O U -

Me and my mum love them, my dads nurses love them, my dads nurses all praise them. One nurse said I looked glamorous! - Ali, Microblading

Thanks Lauren, I absolutely love them, thank you so much x - Microblading

Mine are soooooo good - Denise, Microblading

Can’t wait to get my eyebrow fix again, feel like its changed my life! x - Catherine, Microblading

Just to let you know that I LOVE my brows! Everything you said was spot on, thank you! x - Cat - Microblading

And btw the brows look fab, my friend complimented me yesterday as she didn’t know I’d had them done! - Nic, Microblading

I love them! So much. They are perfect - Microblading

Waiting for brow regret!! Its not coming!! I LOVE them and everyone is asking me who you are! x - Microblading

Hi Lauren, it was really good to see you earlier. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your artwork, now i’ve had chance to look at them, I love them. The colour is fab too. It matches my hair :) - Microblading

Just wanted to text you to say, I absolutely love my eyebrows. I’m so happy with them, I’ve finally got my dream brows, thank you so much! Cant’ wait for the top up - Microblading

I’m so pleased with my brows. As much as I tried to crack on with it after my rubbish start to the year, my self confidence was affected. Now I feel great. See you in 6 weeks for my top up x - Microblading

I expected there to be some scabbing but I hardly had any! Lauren does a fantastic job but we are all different, so some may experience a bit of discomfort. Absolutely really worth it! - Julie, Microblading